Science Guide

Although Amsterdam is known more for its warm, laidback atmosphere than being a city of science, the capital may surprise you! From the exciting Nemo Science Centre, to the radical Bodyworlds exhibition, the Capital offers an abundance of fascinating places for Scientists to discover…

Nemo Science Centre

Whether you’re a dedicated science student, or just like learning new things, the Nemo Science Centre is sure to leave you feeling inspired with four floors of gadgets, experiments and hands-on activities. Conduct your own chemistry experiment, produce a video, make music in the media lab or solve a murder mystery by identifying DNA – this is interactive learning at its very best. The centre also has regular new attractions and exhibits, so it’s certainly worth a visit.


Micropia is the world's first museum dedicated to microbes and micro-organisms. On entering, as you take the lift to the first floor, you’re presented with an animation about the mites living on your eyelashes and the even smaller bacteria and viruses living on those mites; from there on in, you’ll never look at things in the same way again. More like a laboratory than a museum, the darkened first floor is filled with microscopes and bubbling glass containers. But that’s not the only pace you’ll find microbes, as interactive body scanners reveal what’s living on you right now. Meanwhile, a kiss-o-meter can show you just how many microbes you transfer with a single kiss. The exhibitions also have a serious side, with a chance to observe models of viruses including Aids and Ebola and demonstrations of how microbes are essential to life. Micropia is a fascinating place where you’re guaranteed to learn something new. Of course, the displays of rotting food may be all too familiar for some students; so maybe don’t arrange your visit too close to lunchtime


Gunther von Hagens’ ground-braking Bodyworlds exhibition attracts millions of science fans from worldwide and is a must-see for any academic. See over 200 anatomical specimens of real human bodies, discover how organs work, the effect of disease and even how happiness can influence your health. World renowned for the profound, the exhibition is sure to have a lasting effect on you.