History & Culture Guide

Known for its remnants of the Golden Age of the 17th-century, intricate canal system and tall narrow houses. Amsterdam oozes culture and offers an intriguing history for you to uncover. Hire a bike and take a tour of this fascinating city ensuring you stop off at these iconic spots…


The Amsterdam Rijksmuseum opened at the Nationale Kunstgallerij (National Art Gallery) in 1800. Learn how it moved several times before becoming the Rijksmuseum you can explore today with over 8,000 historical artefacts. Also take the time to appreciate the stunning building itself designed by the Dutch architect Petrus J.H. Cuypers, which actually only reopened in 2013 following a 10 year €375 renovation.

Anne Frank House

Perhaps one of the most famous houses in the world, the rooms in Anne Frank house may be empty, but the atmosphere transports you back through history. The events that happened in the house are brought to life through documents, photographs and film; while Anne’s original diary and notebooks are still on display. A virtual journey also introduces you to the characters of the people in hiding and what life was like in Amsterdam during World War Two. Anne Frank House is a place of both historical and cultural significance like no other.

Royal Palace

Originally built as the city hall for the magistrates of Amsterdam, in the 17th century the Royal Palace was the largest secular building in Europe and today it is one of three palaces in the city. Learn how it is now used for official receptions, including the famous King's New Year reception and make sure you pre-book a guided tour to sample some of Amsterdam’s high culture.