History & Culture

Founded by the Vikings in the 8th Century, Dublin has quite the juicy past waiting for you to uncover. Many of the best sights are within walking distance of each other so the history buffs and culture vultures among you will love learning about the city as you meander its haphazard streets. Here are our top picks…

Kilmainham Gaol

A visit to this former prison is an absolute must if you’re interested in uncovering the story of resistance to British rule in Dublin. Built in 1795, this menacing fortress played a significant part in Ireland's rocky road to independence. Take a tour of the prison and learn about how the leaders of the uprisings between 1798 and 1916 were all confined here. Venture into the grey prison yard where following the final revolt in 1916, 14 executions took place carving the Kilmainham name deep into the Irish consciousness. Discover how the final residents of the gaol were prisoners of the Civil War before it closed in 1924.

The Little Museum of Dublin

Set in a stunning Georgian Townhouse in the heart of the city, The Little Museum of Dublin walks you through the captivating story of the capital in the 20th Century. Free guided tours are available every hour and are a perfect way for you to get the most out of your visit. Expand your knowledge on everything from Queen Victoria, World War One, John F Kennedy and Muhammad Ali, to the success of Ireland’s most famous band, U2.

Guinness Storehouse

Your visit to Dublin would not be complete without a trip to the renowned St. James’s Gate Brewery, the home of Guinness since 1759. Built in 1904 and once an old fermentation plant, the Guinness Storehouse is shaped like a giant pint and offers you the opportunity to explore 7 storeys all dedicated to the history of this world famous beer. Learn how the Guinness brand was developed over 250 years to become the iconic stout we know and love today and exactly what goes into crafting the perfect pint. Pay a visit to the tantalising tasting rooms where you can learn how to pour your very own pint and appreciate every last drop of the distinctive velvety brew. Finish your grand tour with a trip up to the Gravity Bar, the ‘head of the pint’ and enjoy a Guinness whilst taking in the striking panoramic views of Dublin.